Simone Biles Addresses Pregnancy Speculation Amidst Online Buzz

Credit: Simone Biles/Instagram

Gymnastics sensation Simone Biles has taken to social media to quash rumors circulating about her possible pregnancy. On Wednesday, December 13, the 26-year-old athlete shared a series of Instagram Stories addressing the assumptions surrounding her body.

"I hate that I even have to address this," expressed Biles in a heartfelt message. "But please stop commenting on this photo or my Instagram in general about me being 'pregnant.' I'm not pregnant."

The Olympic gold medalist, who recently tied the knot with Green Bay Packers safety Jonathan Owens, posted the image in question from her attendance at the Packers' game against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium on Monday night. Several users speculated about Biles expecting, pointing to her stomach and suggesting a possible pregnancy.

Credit: Simone Biles/Instagram

"Baby on board!" exclaimed one comment, while another noted, "Beautiful!! I see a lil bump." Some users, however, came to Biles' defense, rebuking the assumptions and highlighting the gymnast's well-conditioned physique. "She is not pregnant! So rude to assume without knowing. This woman has, like, a damn 12 pack, that's what you're seeing," one commenter stated.

Simone and Jonathan Owens, who initially met on the dating app Raya in March 2020, surprised fans when the NFL star proposed in 2022. Despite her new marital status, Biles has been vocal about maintaining her commitment to both her personal life and her athletic career.

"People think if you're a wife, you can't be a professional athlete, you can't be a gymnast, you can't do whatever," she shared in an October interview with "And I came to the realization, like, yeah, I can still be a wife and be out there."

Asserting that her identity extends beyond gymnastics, Biles emphasized her newfound balance, making time for her husband, family, and personal pursuits. The decorated gymnast's recent plea to end pregnancy speculation underscores her determination to navigate the public eye on her own terms.

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