Travis Kelce's Teammate Reveals Insights on Relationship with Taylor Swift

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In a recent episode of the Airing It Out podcast by Fubo Sports, Rashee Rice, a teammate of Kansas City Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce, shared his perspective on Kelce's high-profile romance with pop sensation Taylor Swift.

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When asked about meeting Taylor Swift, the 23-year-old wide receiver admitted, “I’ve seen her but I didn’t go up to her like, ‘Can I get a picture?’ or nothing like that.”

Rashee delved into his close friendship with both Kelce and quarterback Patrick Holmes, emphasizing that their invitations to hang out stem from a genuine connection. "Those guys like Trav and Pat, they invite us out because they know that we see them every day and know and see them for who they really are," he revealed.

Credit: Rashee Rice/Instagram

He went on to explain his stance on not seeking pictures with his friends' significant others, extending the same courtesy to Taylor Swift. "Maybe if my girl was there I would be like, ‘Can we get a picture with the girls together?’ or something," Rashee added.

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Expressing his happiness for Travis Kelce, Rashee gave a shout-out to Taylor Swift for bringing additional fans to the team. "She brought a lot more fans to the team too," he remarked, acknowledging the impact of Swift's star power on the Chiefs' fanbase.

As Kelce's teammate offers glimpses into the dynamics of their friendship and the influence of Swift's presence, fans are left with a peek behind the curtain of the NFL stars' personal lives.

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