Kanye West Faces Backlash Over Controversial Instagram Posts of Wife Bianca Censori

Credit: bianca.censori_official/Instagram

Kanye West is drawing criticism for sharing explicit images of his wife, Bianca Censori, on his Instagram account, sparking accusations of hypocrisy from fans and social media users alike.

Formerly known for chastising ex-wife Kim Kardashian's revealing attire, Kanye West now finds himself in the hot seat as followers point out the apparent contradiction in his recent posts. Fans are quick to highlight Ye's previous disapproval of Kim's exposure, with one stating, "I remember the episode where he was telling Kim he didn't want her to expose herself so much. FFWD to this. Poor girl being degraded on the daily."

Critics are particularly vocal about Kanye West's apparent deviation from his proclaimed devout Christian beliefs. One user questions, "how do you release a gospel album and claim you're following the path of the Lord, then do some s**t like this." Another expresses disbelief, stating, "Thought you were such a good Christian [shrug emoji]."

Accusations of exploitation also arise, with fans suggesting that Kanye is using Bianca for personal gain. "Why do you exploit this poor woman? Shame on you. You need therapy, sir," one fan remarked. Concerns about Kanye's mental state surface, as another user observes, "Does anyone else find these posts creepy af? What is going on in Kanye's mind; he's spiraling, and his chick's just a puppet."

The controversial posts showcase Bianca in revealing outfits, including a skimpy bikini, black leather mask, and boots. Critics argue that Kanye's actions are not isolated, referencing a pattern of near-naked photo shares earlier this month, which reportedly prompted friends of Bianca to label him as "disgusting" for using her to promote his music.

An insider told Daily Mail, "Kanye is just foul, and he clearly has zero respect for his wife for humiliating her like this." Concerns are raised about Bianca's agency in these posts, with friends allegedly finding it "absolutely disgusting and slightly abusive" that Kanye is using her to promote his new album. There are also worries that he is attempting to mold her into a likeness of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

Bianca's friends reportedly expressed alarm over her reunification with Kanye, with claims that she is not responding to attempts at contact. The controversy surrounding Kanye West's recent social media activity raises questions about his public image and the dynamics within his relationship with Bianca Censori.

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