Prince William's Humble Response to Young Boy's Question About His Finances

Credit: Prince & Princess of Wales/Instagram

During a recent visit to Moss Side in Manchester, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, found himself in an unexpected encounter with an inquisitive young boy. Eleven-year-old Amir Hassan, a school pupil, posed a question that would leave the future king momentarily stumped. When asked about his financial status, Prince William, known for his down-to-earth demeanor, admitted he had no idea about the exact amount of money in his bank account.

The Royal's Humble Response

Amir Hassan, displaying his curiosity and cheeky sense of humor, boldly asked Prince William, "How much do you have in your bank account?" The question caught the Duke of Cambridge off guard, leading to a genuine moment of laughter. In response, Prince William honestly admitted, "I don't know."

The Art Project and a Joking Remark

Amidst the lighthearted exchange, Amir also invited Prince William to participate in an art project, where children were cutting out empowering hairstyles. In a playful jest, the balding royal quipped, "I'm literally the last person you should ask. My hair is disappearing." The remark elicited more laughter and showcased Prince William's ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

Collaboration with Manchester Mayor

Accompanied by Manchester mayor Andy Burnham, Prince William's visit to Moss Side carried a significant purpose. The Duke of Cambridge announced a joint funding scheme, amounting to £100,000, in support of the Manchester Peace Together Alliance. The initiative aims to address and combat youth violence by providing employment, skills, and training opportunities for vulnerable young individuals.

Pool Game and Unsuccessful Pots

In a light-hearted moment, Prince William joined in a game of pool with the local children. Despite his efforts, the royal's pool skills left something to be desired. The kids playfully groaned when Prince William twice failed to pot a yellow ball, creating a jovial atmosphere and showcasing the Duke's willingness to engage in playful activities with the community.

Prince William's Net Worth

While Prince William's exact net worth remains elusive, it is estimated to be around £100 million. The bulk of his fortune is believed to have come from the Queen Mother, who placed most of her estimated $89 million fortune in a trust fund for Prince William and his younger brother, Prince Harry. Additionally, Prince William inherited a substantial amount following Queen Elizabeth's passing in 2022, along with new titles that expanded his property portfolio, including the Duchy of Cornwall, worth approximately $1.2 billion in 2022.

Prince William's visit to Moss Side brought moments of laughter, humility, and meaningful collaboration. His candid response to the young boy's question about his finances exemplified his down-to-earth nature and relatability. As the Duke of Cambridge continues his philanthropic efforts and engagements with various communities, his ability to connect with people from all walks of life remains a defining characteristic of his role as a modern royal.

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