Meghan Markle's Happiness Under Scrutiny: Body Language Expert Weighs In

Credit: Sussex Royal/Instagram

Meghan Markle's public demeanor has been a subject of discussion, with a recent statement from body language expert Darren Stanton suggesting that the Duchess of Sussex may be facing challenges in maintaining a consistently happy appearance.

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Stanton, speaking to Betfair Bingo, shared insights into Meghan and Prince Harry's dynamic throughout the year 2023. He noted the couple's highs and lows but emphasized their enduring strength as a brand. Notably, Stanton pointed out the uniqueness of Meghan and Harry's approach, diverging from traditional royal engagements.

"Meghan remains super confident," Stanton commented. "However, there are instances where she attempts to convey happiness, but it doesn't always align with her true emotions. Frustration, whether directed at Harry or herself, occasionally becomes evident. Despite this, it's clear that the couple shares great respect and support for each other."

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Adding to the analysis, Dr. Tessa Dunlop commented on the state of Meghan and Harry's marriage, echoing the sentiment of Meghan's occasional struggle to portray unbridled happiness. Despite these nuances, Dunlop emphasized the couple's evident mutual respect and support.

As Meghan and Harry continue to navigate the spotlight, the public remains captivated by the complexities of their relationship and the challenges that come with their unique position within the royal landscape.

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