Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Face Hollywood Freeze Amid Growing Negativity

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Royal correspondent Michael Cole and PR expert Mark Borkowski are sounding alarm bells for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, cautioning that their recent surge of "negativity" could lead to them being frozen out of Hollywood.

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BBC Royal Correspondent Michael Cole expressed concerns, stating that Americans have "grown weary" of the couple's constant criticism, claiming it is causing a rift with the public and industry partners alike.

"Cole noted: 'Americans have grown weary of them for bringing nothing but negativity to everything they touch,'" reported sources.

The warnings come on the heels of a turning point in 2023, where the royal couple started the year successfully with a Netflix documentary and Harry's biography. However, their credibility took a hit with questionable claims of being chased by paparazzi in New York, and their Spotify podcast faced termination amid accusations.

PR guru Mark Borkowski emphasized that showbusiness is attracted to success, not "turkeys," predicting 2024 to be a "seismic" year for the Sussexes' brand, determining whether it will recover or face further setbacks.

"Showbusiness is attracted to success and financial gains. Turkeys are only acceptable for Thanksgiving. There’s speculation that the industry might be growing weary of their presence," Borkowski declared.

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He went on to say, "Something is beginning to unwind at the heart of Meghan and Harry. I think 2024 is going to be seismic, either because they are going to do something to recover and find a new positive tactic – or it’s going to be the undoing of the brand. It can only go one of two ways. It can’t stay where it is at the moment – because it’s clearly not working."

Borkowski highlighted the detrimental impact of ongoing scrutiny surrounding the Sussexes, describing it as a "black hole" that isn't beneficial in Tinseltown, where negativity isn't embraced.

As the year unfolds, all eyes will be on Harry and Meghan to see whether they can reverse the tide and regain favor in the highly competitive world of Hollywood.

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