Selena Gomez Clarifies Golden Globes Drama: No Gossip About Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet

Credit: Selena Gomez/Instagram

Selena Gomez has broken her silence on the alleged Golden Globes gossip, vehemently denying any talk about Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet. The "Only Murders in the Building" star set the record straight after rumors circulated following the prestigious event on Sunday, January 7.

Responding to an E! News Instagram post titled, "Was Selena Gomez Gossiping About Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet at Golden Globes? Here's the Truth," the 31-year-old singer clarified her conversation with Taylor Swift. "Noooooo I told Taylor about two of my friends who hooked up. Not that that's anyone's business," she commented on Tuesday.

An insider dispelled the speculations to PEOPLE, stating, "She was absolutely not referencing anything about Timothee or Kylie, and she never even saw or spoke to them."

While the audio from the event was mostly inaudible, some lip-readers speculated that Selena shared with Taylor Swift and Keleigh Sperry, who was seated next to Miles Teller, that Kylie Jenner denied her a picture with Timothee Chalamet. "I asked for a picture with him, and she (Kylie Jenner) said no," Selena seemed to convey.

At the 2024 Golden Globes, Selena was seen visiting Taylor at her table, sparking further curiosity about the alleged conversation. As the former Disney star seemed to recount the incident, Taylor and Keleigh appeared astonished. The snippet of the conversation captured by lip-readers showcased Selena expressing her disappointment over Kylie's refusal to allow a photo with Timothee.

The clarification from Selena Gomez aims to put an end to the swirling rumors and highlights the importance of accuracy in interpreting celebrity interactions.

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