Calvin Harris' Egg-cellent Jet Lag Solution Raises Eyebrows

Credit: Calvin Harris/Instagram

Renowned DJ Calvin Harris has revealed his unconventional method for combating jet lag: gulping down raw egg yolks mid-flight.

During a recent appearance on BBC Radio 2's Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, Harris shed light on his peculiar remedy.

"I was on a British Airways flight only a couple of weeks ago, and the air hostess told me she’d never seen anybody crack eggs and pour them into their mouth in their seat before," he shared candidly. "But that was me. That’s what I do."

Credit: Calvin Harris/Instagram

When questioned about the logistics of his in-flight egg consumption, Harris elaborated, stating, "I like to get rid of the white so I just do the raw yolk. I find it gets rid of jet lag."

The host, intrigued by Harris' unorthodox approach, probed further, questioning how he managed to transport the eggs without incident.

"You just stick them in your bag. I’m surprised they get through security because, for me, that’s liquid. But it’s never, ever been flagged," he explained.

While Harris' jet lag solution may raise eyebrows, it certainly hasn't hindered his success. Notably, he clinched the Dance Act award at the prestigious BRITs 2024 ceremony, further solidifying his status as a music industry heavyweight.

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