Diddy's Past Conduct with Teenage Justin Bieber Sparks Concern Amid Federal Raid - Watch Viral Videos

Credit: Justin Bieber & Diddy/Instagram

A recent video showing Diddy hanging out with a teenage Justin Bieber has sparked widespread concern after federal agents raided Diddy's homes.

The clip, where Diddy talks about partying with Bieber when he was just 15, has caught the internet's attention.

Diddy, known as Sean Combs in real life, has been a big name in music since the 1990s despite facing legal issues in the past.

However, the recent raid on his properties by Homeland Security has brought his conduct under scrutiny.

While it's not confirmed if Diddy was the main focus of the raid, it has reignited discussions about his past behavior.

In particular, videos from over a decade ago have resurfaced, showing Diddy hanging out with a young Bieber.

In one video, Diddy talks about spending wild times with Bieber when he was 15, sparking discomfort among viewers.

Another video suggests that Diddy felt Bieber had changed because he didn't want to hang out with him anymore.

These videos have gone viral, prompting over 8 million views in less than 24 hours and drawing criticism online.

Many find Diddy's comments concerning, given the age gap between him and Bieber.

While these videos don't confirm Diddy's involvement in the ongoing investigation, some find his remarks unsettling.

Diddy's lawyer has denounced the raid as excessive and maintains Diddy's innocence, calling it a "witch hunt."

Despite the controversy, Diddy continues to assert his innocence and vows to clear his name from any allegations.

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