Lizzo Takes Stand Against Online Hate: 'I Quit' Amid Controversy

Credit: Lizzo/Instagram

Lizzo is feeling fed up.

The Grammy winner went on Instagram to talk about all the mean comments she's been getting online.

In a heartfelt post, she said:

"I'm getting tired of everyone being mean to me, both in real life and on the internet. All I want to do is make music, make people happy, and make the world a little better. But lately, it feels like the world doesn't want me around. People keep saying bad things about me just to get attention, making fun of how I look, and saying untrue stuff about me. It's not fair—I never signed up for this. I'm done."

Credit: Lizzo/Instagram

We're not exactly sure what Lizzo is quitting, but it's clear she's been having a tough time.

People online keep saying nasty things about her appearance.

And to make matters worse, three of her former dancers are suing her and her team, saying they were treated badly because of their race and gender.

But Lizzo says none of it is true.

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