Fans Speculate: Is Justin Bieber Living Separately from Wife Hailey Amid Marriage Rumors?

Credit: Justin Bieber/Instagram

Justin Bieber's fans are buzzing with speculation that he might be spending time away from his wife, Hailey Bieber, amid swirling rumors about their relationship.

Justin has been popping up at various spots around La Quinta, taking selfies with fans along the way, which has led some to believe he's laying low in this remote location.

It all started when he was spotted dining at Nobu restaurant in nearby Indian Wells on January 24.

Later, on February 14, he made an appearance at The Nest nightclub and restaurant in Indian Wells, even posing for a photo with one of the staff members.

The club didn't hesitate to express their excitement, posting on Facebook: "The kindest soul, so glad Justin Bieber and his team got to try The Nest! We love you Justin, come back any time."

Then, on March 13, a fan from Coachella shared her excitement on social media, writing, "I just saw Justin Bieber!"

Fans have been buzzing on Reddit, sharing their thoughts on the idea that Justin might be laying low in La Quinta.

One fan speculated, "Maybe he is staying at a separate house from Hailey [in La Quinta] and doesn't want to appear."

Others chimed in, with one saying, "Seems like he's in La Quinta a lot."

Another fan added, "Okay so this man is living in La Quinta but keeping it on the down low."

And someone else remarked, "That's what it definitely seems like because there's very little spotting of Justin Bieber in LA."

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