Donald Trump Gets $175 Million Reduction in Civil Fraud Bond Amid Legal Battle

Credit: Donald Trump/Instagram

Donald Trump got some relief in his legal tussle as a New York court agreed to cut down the bond he needs to post for a civil fraud case.

Earlier, he was asked to pay a hefty $454 million, but now he's got a breather with a reduced amount of $175 million.

This whole issue started with New York Attorney General Letitia James accusing Trump, along with his sons and the Trump Organization, of pumping up property values to snag loans.

Trump's legal team found it tough to gather such a huge sum as bond because most bonding companies demanded cash or assets upfront, which the Trump Organization didn't have readily available.

But now, with the court's decision, Trump has 10 days to arrange the funds.

He can either post a bond or cough up the $175 million in cash.

His lawyer, Charles Kise, thinks this ruling is a positive step towards overturning what he calls a bogus judgment.

However, Trump isn't out of the woods yet. If he loses his appeal, he'll still be on the hook for the full $454 million.

The court also put a hold on some other penalties, like banning Trump from holding certain positions in New York companies and blocking his crew from seeking loans from New York lenders.

Instead, they appointed someone to keep an eye on the Trump Organization's money matters.

Even though Trump got a break with the reduced bond, he's still facing the heat over the alleged fraud.

The Attorney General's office made it clear that Trump still owes a whopping $464 million, including interest.

Trump keeps slamming the verdict, saying it's all a political game to mess with his chances in the next presidential race.

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