Man Arrested for Allegedly Removing and Eating Human Leg at California Train Crash Site

Credit: Pexels

A man got arrested in Kern County, California, for taking away a human leg from somewhere that wasn't a cemetery.

Witnesses and videos shown to news folks say he was even eating the leg he took from a spot where a train crashed.

As per Kern County papers seen by PEOPLE, Resendo Tellez got nabbed on Friday.

He's facing a charge for taking human remains from somewhere other than a cemetery, another one for having stuff related to drugs, and a serious charge for breaking probation.

Tellez, who's 27, apparently snatched the human leg from a train crash spot in Wasco, California.

The crash ended up killing someone, but it's not clear if the leg belonged to that person.

A person near the crash said Tellez was swinging what looked like a human leg and even taking bites out of it.

"I'm not sure from where, but he walked this way and he was waving a person's leg. And he started chewing on it over there, he was biting it and he was hitting it against the wall and everything," said Jose Ibarra to KBAK.

KBAK and ABC 23 Bakersfield shared censored videos of the guy supposedly eating the leg.

Cops showed up at the crash site where someone died and lost their leg around 8 a.m on Friday.

Tellez got arrested at the spot without causing any trouble. He's set to appear in court on Tuesday.

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