Finn Wolfhard Opens Up About Behind-the-Scenes Drama in Stranger Things Season 4

Credit: Finn Wolfhard/Instagram

In a recent chat with the Hollywood Reporter, 21-year-old Finn Wolfhard, known for his role as Mike Wheeler since he was 13, spilled some secrets about the making of Stranger Things season 4, which hit screens in 2022.

Opening up about the upcoming season, Wolfhard hinted at a return to the series' roots, revealing that fans can expect a journey back to the dynamics of the first season after the last chapter left things at a "sort of a crossroads."

He noted the series' tendency to escalate with each season but assured viewers that season 4 would balance grandiosity with a more focused narrative.

"Every season has gotten bigger and bigger and bigger, and this season is huge, but it’s also kind of isolated as well," he explained.

Wolfhard shed light on some behind-the-scenes tensions that arose during the filming of the previous season, highlighting how certain plotlines led to conflicts among the cast.

He disclosed that production initially prioritized scenes in Hawkins, sidelining other storylines and leaving him feeling envious of his co-stars.

"We really didn’t shoot very much for the first few months of production because they were so focused on all the Hawkins stuff. So I was really jealous. Even when I finally watched the show, my favorite part was watching the other guys in Hawkins. I just liked that storyline so much," he admitted.

Despite the challenges faced during season 4, Wolfhard assured fans that season 5 would see a return to unity among the cast, promising that every actor would have an engaging storyline.

"Not being around everyone all the time was definitely a bummer about filming 4, but 5 is the opposite. We’re all together all the time," he shared.

As anticipation builds for the next installment of the hit series, fans eagerly await the return of their favorite characters and the twists and turns that lie ahead in Hawkins.

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