Jake Gyllenhaal Opens Up About Serious Health Scare While Filming 'Road House' Remake

Credit: Jake Gyllenhaal/Instagram

Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal recently talked about a scary moment while filming the new version of the action movie "Road House." He shared this on Dax Shepard's podcast.

During intense fight scenes for the movie, Gyllenhaal got a serious cut on his hand from broken glass. This cut got infected, making him sick.

He said filming the movie was tough, especially the bar fight scenes. Many cast and crew got hurt during the making of the film.

But despite the risks, Gyllenhaal thanked his team for keeping everyone safe. He said he was careful and didn't get any major injuries.

In the new movie, Gyllenhaal plays a former UFC fighter who becomes a bouncer in Florida. The movie has a star-studded cast, including McGregor, Jessica Williams, Post Malone, and Daniela Melchior, promising lots of excitement for viewers.

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