Ryan Gosling Advocates for Stuntmen's Recognition in Hollywood

Credit: Ryan Gosling/Instagram

In a heartfelt plea for recognition, Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling is shedding light on the often-overlooked work of stuntmen.

Gosling, known for his roles in various films, including "Young Hercules," spoke candidly about the risks faced by these unsung heroes who rarely receive the credit they deserve.

During a special screening of his upcoming movie "The Fall Guy," which centers around a stuntman, Gosling emphasized the importance of acknowledging the hard work and bravery of stunt performers.

Reflecting on his own experiences on "Young Hercules," Gosling revealed how he has always relied on a stunt double throughout his career.

He expressed gratitude for the daring feats performed by these professionals, stating, "They do all the cool stuff, they risk everything, and then they disappear into the shadows and we all pretend as though they were never there."

Despite their crucial contributions to the entertainment industry, stunt performers often go unrecognized, with Gosling lamenting the lack of acknowledgment they receive compared to other members of the production team.

Gosling's impassioned plea coincides with the anticipation surrounding his upcoming film "The Fall Guy," slated for release on May 3.

As audiences eagerly await the movie's debut, Gosling's advocacy for stuntmen's recognition serves as a timely reminder of the vital role these individuals play in bringing cinematic magic to life.

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