Katy Perry's Solo Appearance at Taylor Swift's Concert Sparks Concerns About Relationship with Orlando Bloom

Credit: Orlando Bloom/Instagram

Fans and tabloid readers alike have been buzzing with speculation about the state of Katy Perry's relationship with Orlando Bloom following her solo appearance at Taylor Swift's concert in Sydney, Australia on February 23.

According to reports from RadarOnline.com, Perry was noticeably without Bloom by her side, instead opting to attend the event with Rita Ora and her husband, Taika Waititi.

An insider revealed to RadarOnline.com, "It's weird that she wasn't with Orlando [Bloom]."

Adding fuel to the fire, Perry was not seen wearing her engagement ring, a detail that has not gone unnoticed by those close to the couple.

Perry and Bloom, who have been romantically involved since May 2016 and got engaged in 2019, have faced their fair share of challenges recently.

Despite being engaged for several years, they have yet to finalize plans for their wedding.

However, Bloom recently took to social media to dispel rumors of a breakup, publicly praising Perry.

In a somewhat playful move, Perry took to Twitter in February to post a poll asking her fans if they would "hit that" in reference to Bloom.

Additionally, in November 2023, Bloom was spotted with their daughter in Las Vegas, celebrating the final night of Perry's residency.

While the couple has managed to reconcile in the past, it remains uncertain whether Perry and Bloom will be able to weather the current strain on their relationship.

Perry's attendance at Taylor Swift's concert sans Bloom has only served to raise further doubts about the future of their engagement.

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