Usher Sets Record Straight: No Devil Thanks at NAACP Awards

Credit: Usher/Instagram

Usher wants everyone to know he's firmly on Team God, not Team Devil.

The R&B sensation found himself in the middle of a wild rumor after his speech at the 55th annual NAACP Image Awards.

Some folks thought he was about to thank the devil for his award. But Usher wasn't having any of it.

Responding to an Instagram post questioning his speech, Usher didn't hold back. "Get the hell outta here!!! GOD is my lord and savior … the DEVIL is a lie!! You got me f**ked up!! Not today sir...I never have time for this type s**t but today, you gon hear this."

Explaining the mix-up, Usher admitted he was a bit nervous during his speech. "I hate teleprompters," he confessed.

He got a bit jumbled up, especially when they rushed him along. But he made it clear: he was thanking the NAACP from the depths of his soul, not the depths of anything else.

Usher didn't forget to give credit where it's due. He thanked his mom and his wife, Jennifer Goicoechea, for their unwavering support.

He also gave a shoutout to his kids, expressing his love and hoping to be a good example for them.

So, no devil deals here—just Usher being Usher, grateful for his award and the people who've stood by him.

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