Actor Alan Ritchson's Shirtless Photos Go Viral, Showing Even More Muscle Than Usual!

Credit: Alan Ritchson/Instagram

Actor Alan Ritchson bulked up significantly to portray Jack Reacher in the Prime Video series based on Lee Child's books.

Ritchson, who gained 30 pounds for the role, shared in a Men's Health interview how his workout routine transformed before filming Season 1.

Now onto filming the third season, Ritchson aims to maintain his size to portray Jack Reacher consistently.

Credit: Alan Ritchson/Instagram

However, he's still working on shedding a bit of body fat for more definition.

In recent shirtless selfies on Instagram, he flexes his muscles and jokes about trying to lose that last elusive 5 pounds, even though his wife humorously prefers a Homer Simpson-like physique.

Despite his fitness regimen, Ritchson admits to indulging in treats like cookie dough and pie.

Credit: Alan Ritchson/Instagram

He described his approach to eating as "intuitive" and emphasized his willingness to work hard in the gym to compensate for indulgences.

While he seeks a balance between healthy eating and occasional treats, Ritchson acknowledges he hasn't quite found it yet.

Nonetheless, judging by his physique, he's doing just fine—even with a few extra slices of pie in the fridge.

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