Britney Spears Sparks Speculation with Cryptic Instagram Post Featuring Jennifer Aniston Throwback

Credit: Britney Spears & Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

Britney Spears recently posted an old photo of Jennifer Aniston on Instagram, and it came with a long caption that she later changed.

In the updated post, Britney talked about "set-ups" and included a picture of Jennifer from the set of the movie "The Good Girl" from 2002.

On April 16, fans were puzzled by the mysterious message Britney shared on Instagram.

Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram

Originally, her caption under Jennifer's picture said, "You know when you grow up and realise setups aren’t just in movies???"

Britney went on to say, "Hey can be in real life too and when they are in real life they can be illegal (sic)."

Then, without much explanation, she added, "I know blah blah blah what does this have to do with anything??? Well, it’s just all that love!!! You feel it??? Right back at ya!!! I love y’all so so much (sic)."

But later, the singer changed her caption to just say, "Hey y'all" with three tulip emojis and credited Getty Images for the photo.

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