Cardi B Claims She Opened Doors for Women in Rap

Credit: Cardi B/Instagram

Cardi B says her rise to fame changed the hip-hop world for women artists. The Bronx rapper shared her thoughts in the June 2024 cover story for Rolling Stone.

The cover story, released on Thursday, May 16, highlights how Cardi B’s entry into the scene caused a ripple effect in the industry.

Cardi B’s debut song "Bodak Yellow," released in 2017, became a massive hit, reaching the top of the US Billboard Hot 100.

Credit: Cardi B/Instagram

In the interview, Cardi B explained that her success influenced record labels to start signing new female rappers.

"These labels was not believing in repping new rap artists. People from every single label have f-king told me this s–t in my face," she said.

According to Cardi B, the industry’s perception of women hip-hop artists shifted significantly after her breakthrough.

Her influence, she claimed, opened the door for more women to get record deals and recognition in rap. The rapper's statements underscore her belief in the impact of her career on the broader hip-hop community.

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