Jennifer Lopez Responds to Poor Ticket Sales for 'This Is Me… Now The Tour'

Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez is gearing up for her tour, This Is Me… Now The Tour, despite facing challenges with ticket sales. The singer recently appeared on Good Morning America and shared her excitement about hitting the road, saying, "I wish I could have had the summer off. But it’s a small tour. It’s like 28 shows, I’m excited about it."

Lopez admitted that she hasn't been on tour since 2019, before the pandemic, and she's eager to connect with her fans again. "I haven’t been out for years, I think since 2019. Since before the pandemic. So I'm excited to see the fans and interact with the people again. It's always a good time."

Originally planned for over 30 cities starting June 26, the tour has hit a bump with lower-than-expected ticket sales. As a result, some shows have been canceled, and the tour has been renamed to This Is Me… Live The Greatest Hits due to the lukewarm response from fans.

Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

In the interview, Lopez also opened up about negotiating with her 16-year-old twins, Emme and Max, to join her on tour. "I feel like this is the last time that I’ll get to do something like this with them. They're 16, and next time they’re going to be like, 'No mom. No.' So I'm going to use the last little bit of force I have to control them to be like, 'You have to come for at least a little while.' So hopefully they’ll acquiesce to that," Lopez shared.

Despite the challenges, Jennifer Lopez remains excited and hopeful about her upcoming tour, looking forward to sharing her music with her fans once again.

Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

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