Ncuti Gatwa's 'Turn Off the TV' If They Don't Like Him Remark Leads to 50% Decline in 'Doctor Who' Viewership

Credit: Ncuti Gatwa/Instagram

Doctor Who's recent casting of Ncuti Gatwa as the 'Fifteenth Doctor' has stirred up quite the controversy.

Gatwa, a Rwandan-Scottish actor and the first openly queer black actor to take on the iconic role, has faced criticism from some viewers who question both the casting decision and Gatwa's acting chops.

In response to the backlash, Gatwa issued a bold statement, essentially telling critics to stop watching the show if they don't like it. He encouraged them to go outside and appreciate life rather than dwelling on negativity.

Credit: Ncuti Gatwa/Instagram

Gatwa defended the casting, pointing out that Doctor Who is about regeneration and change, emphasizing that the Doctor's character is an alien, not bound by human categories.

However, it seems Gatwa's challenge has had a significant impact on the show's viewership. The latest episodes have experienced a steep decline in viewership, with a shocking 50% drop in ratings.

Credit: Ncuti Gatwa/Instagram

It appears that Gatwa's stance, while affirming diversity and inclusion, may have alienated a sizable portion of the show's fanbase.

The situation highlights the ongoing debate around representation in media and the potential consequences of casting decisions on long-standing franchises like Doctor Who.

As the show navigates this new chapter with Gatwa at the helm, it remains to be seen how the balance between change and audience expectations will play out in the seasons to come.

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