Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Still Wearing Wedding Rings Amidst House Sale and Marriage Speculation

Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Facebook

In a wave of speculation about their relationship, Jennifer Lopez has been seen wearing her wedding ring. The 54-year-old singer and actress was spotted alone at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, maintaining a calm demeanor despite the swirling rumors about her and Ben Affleck's marriage.

Ben Affleck, too, was photographed with his wedding band. He was seen leaving Lopez's office in Los Angeles, dressed casually in a plaid button-up shirt. This sighting came after their awkward public interaction at his son's basketball game, a moment that sparked more public interest.

Their $60 million Beverly Hills mansion, which they purchased last year, is now up for sale. This decision came after they reportedly visited over 80 properties before settling on what they thought was their dream home. The house remains on the market, shown by realtor Santiago Arana for weeks without a sale.

Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Facebook

Lopez has recently canceled her tour, citing the need to focus on her family, children, and close friends in a heartfelt statement. She expressed being "completely heartsick and devastated" about disappointing her fans, notably omitting any mention of Affleck.

Adding to the speculation, Lopez has made several solo public appearances. She attended her Netflix movie premiere "Atlas" and the Met Gala without Affleck, who was away filming "The Accountant 2". His absence was particularly noted since he attended Tom Brady's roast just a day before the Met Gala.

Their relationship appears to be undergoing significant stress, as Lopez and Affleck are reportedly in couple's therapy. In an unexpected twist, Affleck's ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, has been supportive of their efforts to work through their issues.

Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Facebook

Sources close to the couple suggest that Lopez's solo outings and the sale of their house signal a period of personal and professional upheaval. Despite living apart, with Lopez searching for a new residence and Affleck staying at a $100K-per-month rental near Garner, they continue to wear their wedding rings, projecting a public image of commitment.

As the public follows their story, Lopez and Affleck's relationship, which once seemed like a fairytale reunion, now faces significant challenges. Their private and public lives remain under intense scrutiny, especially as they navigate this tumultuous period.

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