Watch: JoJo Siwa Brushes Off Critics as She Teases New Music and Embraces 'Gay Pop' Genre

Credit: Jojo Siwa/Instagram

JoJo Siwa is shrugging off the haters as she gears up to unveil her latest musical endeavor. Taking to TikTok and Instagram, the 21-year-old shared a brief snippet addressing the criticism thrown her way, boldly proclaiming her indifference and urging others to 'Choose Ur Fighter.'

In a recent interview with Billboard, Siwa touted her latest track, 'Karma,' as pioneering a new musical genre she dubbed 'gay pop.'

While some fans raised eyebrows at the claim, Siwa clarified in a subsequent TMZ interview that she merely aimed to elevate the genre's visibility, positioning herself as a leading figure within it.

Despite facing backlash online for her comments, Siwa remains undeterred in her musical pursuits. With the release of 'Karma' already making waves, she's teasing fans with hints of what's to come, including cryptic messages on her official website and pre-order options for eager listeners on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

For Siwa, this marks a departure from her child star image, signaling a desire to be taken seriously by her audience.

With her forthcoming projects, she's poised to challenge perceptions and carve out a new space for herself in the music industry.

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