Liza Soberano Recreates Blackpink's Jennie Kim's Look

It seems that the result of her copying Jennie's look was successful because of the kind comments she received from netizens.

Photo: YouTube/Liza Soberano

For her most recent vlog episode, Liza Soberano decided to recreate Blackpink's Jennie Kim's look.

On July 25, Soberano, 22, shared a video on her YouTube channel that shows her copying Jennie's makeup and hairstyle for "How You Like That" music video. In the clip, the Kapamilya actress also talks about how she got into K-pop as she did her makeup independently.

Soberano explained that she first got into it when she was in 6th grade until first year high school. Some of the K-pop groups she admired include Super Junior and 2NE1. The "Make It With You" actress also explained that she quit tuning in to K-pop when she moved from Pangasinan to Manila because she got occupied with school and acting.

And in 2018, her interest in K-pop resurfaced after she learned about Blackpink. The other members of the band are Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa. Soberano also revealed that she used to be a fan of Britney Spears. According to her, she lost interest in the pop icon when her music became less wholesome.

However, she recently became interested again in the "Toxic" singer because of the #FreeBritney campaign she sees on Twitter. Meanwhile, in her vlog, Soberano gives tips on the most proficient method to accomplish Jennie's look like using a lighter foundation since the K-pop superstar had fairer skin and giving a more natural look to her brows the way Jennie does hers.

To get the red under the eyes, Soberano said that a makeup artist encouraged her to use lipstick instead of eyeshadow. After choosing the shade she believed suited the look of Jennie, the actress dabbed it under eyes and spread the lipstick using a brush.

As for the hair, Soberano put on a wig. She then finished off the clip with a photoshoot and channeled the fierce look of Jennie. It seems that the result of her copying Jennie's look was successful because of the kind comments she received from netizens.

One fan wrote, "Liza is so real. I like how she calls Jennie as “Ms. Jennie Kim”, she’s so cute. I’m a kpop fan for ages, I hope you could do a vlog about kpop or kdrama because I really want to see you unleash your kpop fan side/mode."

"I'm stanning the two most beautiful girl in this world. Ms. Jennie Kim and Ms. Liza Soberano. I love you both. And the fact that Liza really love Jennie makes me so happy," added another fan.

Someone else commented, "I wonder how jennie feels that the most beautiful woman of 2017 just recreate her makeup look, I mean-- ugh they're both pretty."

Soberano began her career in a range of television series and movies. She rose to stardom after she was picked to star in the hit 2014 TV series, "Forevermore," with Enrique Gil. She has since paired with the actor in several projects.

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