Story — Man Kicks his Wife's Parents Out of Their House - Here's Why

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Ryan's in-laws, Pepe and Celia, moved in with him and his wife Isha four months ago because they were building a new house. They explained that they didn't expect their house will be sold immediately.

Isha's parents had two more children but wouldn't let them live with them. His wife explained to him how her parents needed somewhere to stay. Ryan then agreed to it. But things quickly turned to crap when Pepe and Celia moved in.

Ryan said it was horrible living with them. He explained, "They made a mess. They hardly ever cleaned up for themselves. They would use all our groceries without helping us buy more."

Ryan did not even make them pay rent or anything else, and they didn't even try to help. He told his wife that they need to discuss the situation with them, and they could ask them to leave if they wouldn't listen.

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Pepe and Celia seemed upset that they said such things about them. Despite their apparent reluctance to listen, Ryan decided to give them a little time to see if they listened.

However, a month had passed, and the old couple wasn't changing at all. At that point, Ryan told Isha that he had no choice but to evict them.

She disagreed with the plan but said he could go ahead if he wanted to. Isha added that she wouldn't be present when Ryan informed her parents and he should tell them it was not her idea.

"I told my in-laws I wanted them out, and they asked what my wife thought about it," Ryan said. "I told them she didn't agree, but that she gave me her consent."

Photo: Pexels

After he told them that, Pepe and Celia began yelling at Ryan and said only their daughter had the right to kick them out. Ryan ended up threatening to call the police if they didn't leave his property, and they stormed out irate.

"My wife must have found out later that I had threatened to call the cops as she was upset and said I had no right to do so either," Ryan said.

Although she didn't want it that way, Ryan said he had her consent. He also said it's a family house, so they're allowed to call the cops on anyone. However, Isha was furious at his behavior.

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