Story — Man Kicks Out His Daughter Because She Got Her Nipples Pierced

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Alfred (not his real name) explained that his 18-year-old daughter Avril (not her real name) wasn't focused on school or anything else important.

Although he scolded her sometimes, Alfred said he mostly gave in because she was her daughter, and he loved her.

Avril just never learns, the father shared. On her 18th birthday, she got her nipples pierced without asking him or his wife Cara (not her real name) or even mentioning anything about it.

He and his wife were unaware of her nipple piercings until Cara accidentally saw them while their daughter was showering. Alfred said they confronted her and told her what a foolish thing she did.

Alfred told Avril she can get piercings on the ears or the nose because they're reasonably pretty. However, piercings on the nipples are ugly and might even cause infections.

Alfred then recalled Avril getting tattoos at 17 and wrote: "I guess that once she turned 18, she's even more determined to mess with us and keep rebelling or whatever she's doing."

Meanwhile, Avril didn't say much during the entire argument, except to say that she knows about the dangers of having body piercings.

Ultimately, Alfred said he told Avril that since she has no respect for her parents, she must leave once she graduates. His wife Cara agreed, he said. However, his 13-year-old son said it is a harsh punishment.

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