Lizzo Discusses her Struggle with Acceptance & Bullying

The interview comes after she addressed "fat-phobic" and "racist" comments on Instagram.

Credit: Lizzo/Instagram

On August 18, Lizzo opened up about being bullied and struggling with acceptance on "Good Morning America."

During the interview, the singer asserted that black women are the innovators in the industry, but don't receive the credit they deserve.

"We are the ones who do suffer from the marginalization the most and the erasure the most," the singer said.

Lizzo then claimed that if not for the internet or social media, she would have been "erased."

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In spite of that, Lizzo said, she's still here because she chose to be undeniable, loud, and great.

The interview comes after she addressed "fat-phobic" and "racist" comments on Instagram following the release of her new single "Rumors" with Cardi B.

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