'Summer Of Love' is Shawn Mendes' New Single

Shawn Mendes has announced that his new single will be out soon.

The singer took to Twitter to reveal the news for his adoring fans. Shawn wrote, "Some real bday Love !!! Thank you so much feeling extremely grateful for all of the people in my life today! also SUMMER OF LOVE NEXT WEEEEEK."

His "Summer of love" announcement follows a tease in another social media post a few days ago.

Credit: Courtesy of Shawn Mendes/Instagram

It will be Mendes' first solo release since last year's "Wonder" album.

Last May, Shawn shared three videos to his Instagram account that appeared to hint at his upcoming music.

In the first clip, the musician was spotted singing enthusiastically in the driver's seat.

In the second and third clip, he is seen getting ready to record in a recording studio and dancing in a swimming pool while barefoot.

Despite the absence of audio in Shawn's videos, they seemed to hint at the upcoming release of new music.

His first video featured him in a black zip-up sweater over a matching t-shirt while jamming out in his car.

The hitmaker appeared in his second video wearing a graphic shirt, clapping along to an unheard track.

In his final clip, Shawn dances barefoot while wearing a black undershirt and a pair of sweat pants.

"New vibes got me like," he wrote in the post's caption.

Many of his loyal fans were frustrated because they couldn't hear his music.

A person said, "Don’t be shy, unmute the videos bestie." Another added, "Turn it up, Mendes!"

Shawn started recording at a young age, releasing his first studio album Handwritten" at the age of 16.

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