Explosive Text Conversation Of Kanye West & Pete Davidson Leaks

According to the texts Pete sent to Kanye, he called himself "Skete." Kanye referred to him as such. Photo: Kanye West/Twitter

Kanye West has been harassing Kim Kardashian's new boyfriend Pete Davidson for quite some time.

While their drama has raged on, Pete has remained relatively quiet but it appears now he has given up on being the good guy.

Because he does not use social media, the SNL star asked a friend to share his text messages with Kanye.

Pete's purpose was to shed light on the drama that has been going on behind the scenes. DJ Akademiks was pleased to share the tidbits.

The texts Pete sent to Kanye indicated he called himself "Skete." Kanye labeled him that way. The term originates from Chicago and is meant to be derogatory.

Below you can read Kanye and Pete's full conversation.

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