Toddler Sunday Kramer Becomes TikTok Sensation with Candle-Reviewing Videos

Some brands have been trying to get ahead of the trend.

Credit: Bri Kramer/TikTok

A toddler named Sunday Kramer has become a TikTok sensation thanks to videos of her smelling and reviewing candles.

The videos, posted by TikTok user Bri Kramer from Dallas, Texas, show her 24-month-old daughter smelling various candles and responding with simple yet enthusiastic "yes" or "no" answers or occasional rave reviews.

These videos have gained millions of views, with the most popular receiving 10.7 million views.

As the videos have gained popularity, viewers have been making requests for Sunday to smell certain scents.

Credit: Bri Kramer/TikTok

Fans have also been calling for candle companies to get Sunday's seal of approval, and some brands have been trying to get ahead of the trend.

Sunday's mother, Kramer, has hinted at potential brand deals or business ventures that could arise from Sunday's popularity.

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