Lizzo Speaks Out Against Unrealistic Beauty Standards in Powerful Video

"Artists are here to make art! And this body is art! And I'ma do whatever I want with this body."

Credit: Lizzo/Instagram

Lizzo has had enough of the body shaming she has faced throughout her career.

In a recent video posted on Instagram, the artist expressed her frustration with the unrealistic beauty standards that are often imposed on musicians.

"The discourse around bodies is tired!" Lizzo began. "I have seen comments go from, 'Oh my gosh, I liked you when you were thick! Why'd you lose weight?' To, 'Oh my gosh, why'd you get a BBL? I liked your body before.' To, 'Oh my gosh, you're so big. Ew. You need to lose weight - but for your health!' To, 'Oh my gosh, you're so little. You need to get a** or titties or something!' To, 'Oh my gosh, why did she get this work done? It's just too much work!' Do you see the delusion?"

Lizzo went on to emphasize that artists are not meant to conform to society's narrow beauty standards.

"Artists are here to make art! And this body is art! And I'ma do whatever I want with this body," she said. "I wish that comments costed y'all money so we could see how much time we are f**king wasting on the wrong thing. Can we leave that s**t back there please?"

The singer has previously spoken about the fatphobia she has experienced, telling Vanity Fair in October 2022, "People have been calling me fat my entire life. But that was the first time seeing an insult of how I looked, who I am, and my music wrapped into one, and it really hurt me."

Lizzo added that when one person makes a hurtful comment, it can quickly multiply and become part of a person's public persona, even if they have no control over it.

Lizzo's message serves as a reminder that artists, and all individuals, should be able to express themselves and their art without being constantly judged and scrutinized for their appearance.

It's time for society to move beyond these harmful and restrictive beauty standards and allow people to simply be themselves.

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