Video of Chrisean Rock Fighting with Two Women as she Tries to get Blueface into her Car Goes Viral

The incident is concerning due to the involvement of violence.

Credit: Chrisean Rock/Twitter

Chrisean Rock was involved in a physical altercation after revealing her pregnancy with Blueface's child.

Video footage obtained by TMZ shows the fight taking place early Saturday morning near Blueface's home in Chatsworth.

According to eyewitnesses, Chrisean attempted to crash Blueface's birthday party and tried to pull him away, leading to a brawl on the street.

The video shows Chrisean getting into a fight with two other women as she tries to get Blueface into her car.

After the altercation, Chrisean and Blueface are reported to have left in separate vehicles.

The incident is concerning due to the involvement of violence and the fact that Chrisean is pregnant.

Blueface has denied that the child is his and has stated that he and Chrisean are no longer together.

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