Former In-Laws & Ex-Husband Charged with Murder of Hong Kong model Abby Choi

Credit: Abby Choi/Instagram

On Monday, the former in-laws and ex-husband of a deceased Hong Kong model and influencer appeared in court on a joint murder charge.

The police had discovered parts of the model's body in a refrigerator. Alex Kwong, the ex-husband, his father Kwong Kau, and his brother Anthony Kwong were charged with the murder of Abby Choi, according to reports.

Meanwhile, Jenny Li, the mother of the ex-husband, faces one count of perverting the course of justice. All four individuals have been taken into custody without bail.

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The victim, Abby Choi, was a 28-year-old model and influencer who had a considerable following of more than 100,000 on Instagram.

Her last post on February 19 featured a photoshoot that she had completed with L'Officiel Monaco, a fashion publication. She had gone missing on February 21, according to a later report filed with the Hong Kong Police.

Credit: Abby Choi/Instagram

On February 25, the police found Choi's dismembered body in a refrigerator located in a house rented by Kwong Kau in Lung Mei Tsuen, a suburban part of Hong Kong.

On February 27, the authorities found a young woman's skull in a cooking pot that they seized from the house. The officials believe that the hole on the right rear of the skull is where the fatal attack struck her.

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Earlier, the police had stated that Choi had financial disputes involving tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars with her ex-husband and his family. The police also stated that "some people" were dissatisfied with how Choi handled her financial assets.

Choi had four children, two sons aged 10 and 3, and two daughters aged 8 and 6. Kwong fathered the elder two children, and her current husband, Chris Tam, fathered the younger children. Tam expressed his gratitude for having had Choi in his life and praised her for being supportive.

The murder of Choi has shocked many in Hong Kong and mainland China as Hong Kong is considered a safe city with very low levels of violent crime.

This case is one of the most shocking killings Hong Kong has seen since 2013 when a man killed his parents, and their heads were found in refrigerators.

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