MMA Fighter Dwayne Herelle Jr. Charged with Criminal Homicide in the Brutal Murder of Ex-Girlfriend

Credit: Dwayne Herelle Jr./Instagram

In a development that has shocked the public, Dwayne Herelle Jr., a 28-year-old Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, has been charged with criminal homicide in the tragic murder of his former girlfriend, Irene Torres.

The incident occurred in January of this year outside her parents’ home in Nashville, Tennessee, and it has been reported that Torres was fatally stabbed by Herelle Jr.

According to the local police, Herelle Jr. met Torres at approximately 1:30 am on January 28 outside her home, whereupon they had an argument that led to her stabbing.

Reports indicate that after committing the crime, Herelle Jr. transported Torres’ body to his own apartment, where he placed her in a storage bin in his closet. Torres’ friends and family have been following the case closely, and they recently attended a packed courtroom to hear the latest developments.

During the hearing, Detective Derry Baltimore from the Metro Nashville Police Department provided details of the incident, stating that surveillance footage captured the horrific events of that fateful night, including the argument and the stabbing.

The footage also showed Herelle Jr. placing Torres’ body in the trunk of his car. In addition, the autopsy report revealed that Torres had been stabbed more than 17 times.

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Further evidence has also emerged that Herelle Jr. disposed of his bloody pants and Torres’ purse in a dumpster behind a local grocery store.

Although Herelle Jr. initially denied seeing Torres for several days, he later confessed to the crime in the presence of Torres’ father, which was captured on video.

The police subsequently searched Herelle Jr.’s apartment, where they discovered Torres’ body in a clear tote, wrapped in a comforter in his closet.

Reyna Douglas, Torres’ older sister, has spoken out about her sibling’s murder, revealing that Torres had left an abusive relationship and sought refuge with her family. Douglas has paid tribute to her sister’s bravery in leaving the abusive relationship, only to be hunted down and murdered in her parents’ front yard one month later.

The tragic nature of Torres’ death is evident in the harrowing details provided by the police, and the public is deeply saddened by the events that led to her untimely demise.

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