Shawn Mendes Clarifies Dating Speculations with Sabrina Carpenter

Credit: Shawn Mendes/Instagram

Is it possible for two talented pop stars to simply be friends without rumors flying about their love lives?

Shawn Mendes seems to think so. Despite several photos of him and Sabrina Carpenter spending time together, Mendes has made it clear that they are not dating.

In fact, during a recent interview about his fashion collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, the singer steered the conversation away from Carpenter and towards the iconic brand.

But why did dating rumors start in the first place? Perhaps it was simply a case of two friends enjoying each other's company.

Mendes has been vocal about his admiration for Carpenter's talent, and their friendship could simply be a reflection of that.

Only time will tell if these two will continue to make beautiful music together, both on and off stage.

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