Rapper Wiz Khalifa Faces Social Media Ridicule Over This Viral Post

Credit: Wiz Khalifa/Instagram

American rapper and singer Wiz Khalifa has been subjected to ridicule on social media over his recent post.

In the post, the star shared several pictures of himself on Thursday, March 16, smoking, playing Xbox, getting a massage, and scrolling through his phone in the studio.

However, what caught everyone's attention was his toes, particularly the foot with Bob Marley's tattoo on it.

Many users expressed their disgust over Wiz's toes, with one user even jokingly saying that "Wiz's toes are on fentanyl."

Some others commented on his tall lanky frame, questioning why such men tend to have neglected, creepy-crawler feet.

Another user expressed concern over the ash in between Wiz's toes and advised him to apply some oil. Despite the trolling, some people came to Wiz's defense.

One user suggested that the condition of Wiz's feet could be attributed to his rigorous gym training routine, while another commented that they were not the worst feet they had seen.

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