Man Shares Profound Lessons Learned After Dying for Nearly Half an Hour

Credit: Phill Zdybel/Facebook

Phill Zdybel, a 57-year-old Taekwondo instructor, has recounted his experience of being declared dead for almost thirty minutes after suffering from cardiac arrest while playing basketball.

The incident, as reported by the Geelong Advertiser, was terrifying, as he had no warning signs before it occurred. Fortunately, his son rang an ambulance, and an off-duty nurse rushed over to perform CPR, and he was revived days later, while on life support in the hospital.

A Life-Changing Event

In an interview with the publication, Zdybel described the experience as an "out of body" event, where he watched everything from an outsider's perspective.

Credit: Phill Zdybel/Facebook

He stated that the event gave him a new lease on life and made him realize that all the little things people worry about are not worth worrying about. "Don't let anyone tell you you can't do anything," he urged.

He also expressed gratitude for the nurse who performed CPR and his son, who called the ambulance, and encouraged people to learn CPR, which could save someone's life.

Back to Martial Arts

After being discharged from the hospital, Zdybel had a stent fitted and is said to have returned to martial arts, where he is competing again. His near-death experience has given him a new perspective on life, and he is living it to the fullest.

He considers himself a miracle man and hopes that his story will inspire others to appreciate life more and take CPR classes to learn how to save lives.

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