Rachel McAdams Proudly Flaunts Her Armpit Hair in Bustle Photo Shoot

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Rachel McAdams, the 44-year-old actress known for her roles in "Mean Girls", "The Notebook", and "Wedding Crashers", is making waves for her latest photo shoot with Bustle.

In the shoot, McAdams is captured in raw, minimally-edited photos, proudly displaying her natural beauty and body hair, including her armpit hair.

According to Bustle, McAdams specifically requested minimal editing on the photos, showcasing her body as it is. In one shot, she is seen lounging on a plush couch, revealing her armpit hair. In another shot, McAdams is posing in a sleeveless white dress, further highlighting her natural beauty and physique.

Promoting her upcoming film, "Are You There God? It's Me Margaret", McAdams spoke to Bustle about the importance of reflecting her true self to the world.

"With this shoot, I’m wearing latex underwear. But I’ve had two children. This is my body, and I think that's so important to reflect back out to the world," she said. "It’s OK to look your best and work at it and be healthy, but that’s different for everyone."
Prioritizing Mental Health Over Career Success

In her extensive interview with Bustle, McAdams also discussed her decision to take a two-year break from Hollywood in the mid-2010s, despite being at the height of her career.

She admitted to feeling guilty about not capitalizing on the opportunity given to her and turning down starring roles in popular films such as "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Casino Royale".

However, McAdams revealed that she ultimately prioritized her mental health and took a step back from the spotlight. She credits her acting breaks over the years for helping her feel empowered and in control of her career.

"It helped me feel like I was taking back some control. And I think it sort of allowed me to come in from a different doorway," she said.

From a recent graduate of York University, who worked at McDonald's for three years, to a Hollywood A-lister, McAdams admits that fame was not something she was prepared for. 

"You don't go to theater school to learn about how to deal with that. There's no book on how to navigate that," she said.

Nonetheless, McAdams continues to inspire others by showcasing her natural beauty and promoting the importance of prioritizing mental health over career success.

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