Lizzo's Experience at the Met Gala: A Not-So-Glamorous Affair

Credit: Lizzo/Instagram

The Met Gala, known as one of the most glamorous events in the fashion industry, took place in New York on Monday, May 1.

However, Lizzo has revealed that the event's experience is not as lavish as one would expect, especially after attending it last year.

The Wait in Line and Lack of Comforts

During an Instagram Live session, Lizzo complained about the long waiting lines to enter the event, noting that it is the hardest part of attending the Met Gala.

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She shared her disappointment about the absence of chairs, cocktails, and hors d'oeuvres while waiting in line. The singer expressed her discomfort in a large coat and painful shoes while waiting in the queue.

Heckling Photographers

Lizzo had planned to play the flute in front of the photographers but was put off by their heckling.

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She recalled feeling nervous and only played it once since the photographers' comments were discouraging, claiming that she was putting them to sleep with the flute.

Limited Beverage Choices

The singer expressed her exasperation with the event's beverage choices. Lizzo was disappointed to learn that her only options were red or white wine. She was expecting more variety and pleaded for tequila instead, citing her long hours in a corset and high heels.

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