Kim Petras Opens Up About Life Beyond the Stage and the Challenges of Dating as a Transgender Woman

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Kim Petras, the renowned singer recognized for her hit song "King of Hearts," recently shared intimate details about her personal life in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE magazine. Beyond her captivating performances on stage, Petras delved into her priorities and experiences outside of the spotlight, shedding light on her perspective as an accomplished artist.

In the interview, the Grammy-winning singer, currently 30 years old, candidly expressed her thoughts on romantic relationships, stating, "I try to find boys that like me and go on dates and all of that, but that is such a backseat priority for me right now." Despite her contentment, Petras emphasized the importance of occasionally engaging in dating experiences to maintain her sanity, acknowledging the need for personal connections beyond her professional endeavors.

Petras also opened up about the challenges she faces as a transgender woman in the realm of dating. Speaking to The Los Angeles Times, she disclosed, "Dating is hard in general for a trans girl. Most apps don’t even have the category, so you have to put it in your bio so that people know, because that’s how you get killed if you don’t clarify it."

Presently, Petras has been actively promoting her inaugural album with a major record label, titled "Feed the Beast," which was released just last Friday. The album boasts a captivating track titled "Alone," featuring the renowned artist Nicki Minaj. Petras shared her artistic vision for the album, expressing her ambition to create impactful pop songs on a grand scale. She stated, "I was going for the biggest pop songs I could possibly make. I’m really pushing myself to my limit. I’ve done this for a long time but never on this level. I’ve never been this busy.”

In September, Petras is set to embark on her highly anticipated Feed the Beast Global Tour, where she will mesmerize audiences with her exceptional talent. Demonstrating her unwavering passion for performing, she declared, "The stage is the only place where I really feel like I belong. I feel successful whenever I’m onstage selling out a venue, and that’s what I want to do forever."

As Kim Petras continues to captivate the music world with her extraordinary talent and dedication, she reminds us of the complexities and triumphs that lie beyond the spotlight. With her groundbreaking music and unwavering authenticity, she is poised to leave an indelible mark on the industry, making her a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

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