Texas Grand Jury Clears Travis Scott of Criminal Charges in Astroworld Festival Incident

Credit: Travis Scott/Instagram

Travis Scott has been exonerated from any criminal charges related to the crowd surge that occurred during his Astroworld music festival in 2021, as a Texas grand jury recently concluded its investigation. The Houston Police Department had been looking into the matter for a period of 19 months before the grand jury decision.

Schaffer, the attorney representing the renowned rapper behind "Sicko Mode," defended his client's actions, stating that none of Scott's conduct violated the Texas criminal code. In an interview with Reuters, Schaffer emphasized that Scott was not culpable for the unfortunate events that transpired at the festival, where ten people lost their lives and hundreds were injured.

The incident unfolded on November 5, 2021, when an immense crowd of over 50,000 fervent fans gathered at Astroworld Festival in Houston. As soon as Scott took to the stage, a surge of concertgoers attempted to rush forward, resulting in a distressing crush that caused multiple injuries and even led to some individuals being trampled and losing consciousness.

Following the incident, Scott expressed his condolences on Twitter, sending his prayers to the affected families and expressing support for the ongoing investigation conducted by the Houston Police Department. The rapper pledged to collaborate with the Houston community in the healing process and to extend assistance to the families in need.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, both the Houston police and federal authorities initiated investigations to determine whether Travis Scott, the concert promoter Live Nation, and other involved parties had implemented adequate safety measures to prevent such a calamity from occurring. Their inquiries focused on evaluating the level of responsibility borne by each party involved.

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