Lily-Rose Depp Defends Nude Scenes in Provocative Role on 'The Idol' as Essential Artistic Expression

Credit: Lily-Rose Depp/Instagram

Lily-Rose Depp has defended the inclusion of nude scenes in her provocative role on the drama series "The Idol," stating that they were essential for the character and the show's artistic vision. The 24-year-old actress portrays an international pop star facing a career crisis and a subsequent nervous breakdown. While the series has faced criticism for its explicit sexual content, Lily-Rose expressed her pride in the bold scenes, as she aimed to avoid creating something overly conservative.

In an interview with Australia's Vogue magazine, Lily-Rose emphasized the collaborative nature of her character's development and the series as a whole. She acknowledged the provocative nature of the project and embraced the intentional inclusion of nudity and risqué elements. Lily-Rose asserted her lack of fear regarding these aspects, highlighting that we live in a society with a prevalent sexualized culture, making it an intriguing subject for exploration.

Moreover, Lily-Rose revealed that her experience on set was one of utmost respect and safety. She expressed her confidence in the strong rapport established among the cast and crew, emphasizing the importance of trust in fostering a secure working environment.

"The Idol," a series created by Sam Levinson, The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye), and Reza Fahim, recently announced that it would conclude after five episodes, rather than the originally planned six. The Weeknd, in an Instagram post featuring a teaser trailer, hinted at the change, stating, "ONE MORE EPISODE @theidol Ep. 5 (sic)."

Although no official explanation has been provided for the episode reduction, an insider suggested that it resulted from editing decisions. According to a source cited by TV Line, "The season ended up being five episodes when it was all said and done after Sam took over and made significant changes. The story only ended up requiring five."

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