BTS' Suga Shares Heartwarming Motivation for Pursuing a Career in Therapy

Credit: BTS Suga/Instagram

In a heartfelt revelation featured in BTS' 10th-anniversary memoir, "Beyond the Story: 10 Year Record of BTS," K-pop sensation Suga opens up about his aspirations to become a therapist. The talented artist expresses his deep desire to offer solace to fellow musicians who face the challenges that come with fame.

Suga, who himself has battled with depression and the anxiety that accompanies a burgeoning career in the spotlight, delves into these struggles in his introspective piece, "Interlude: Shadow." Drawing from his own personal experiences, he has developed a profound interest in psychology, seeking to comprehend his own emotions and articulate them more effectively through his music. He shares, "The big reason I studied psychology was that it’s very helpful for my music. There’s a lot to be gained from learning about the formal definitions of emotions."

Furthermore, Suga reveals that his dream extends beyond being a successful musician. He harbors a strong desire to become a licensed therapist, aiming to lend support to future artists who encounter similar hurdles. With a touch of humor, he envisions himself as an old, white-haired man, still gracing the stage with his guitar and soulful singing, while also making a difference as a psychological counselor.

Acknowledging the challenges involved, Suga explains that embarking on this path will require considerable time and effort. However, his unwavering determination shines through as he expresses his genuine eagerness to acquire the necessary qualifications someday. His ultimate motivation is clear: to assist and uplift those who follow in his footsteps, traversing the same demanding terrain in the world of entertainment.

Suga affirms, "I have two dreams, and one is to be an old, white-haired man still standing onstage and playing his guitar and singing, and the other is to become a licensed psychological therapist." He added, "I looked it up and it takes a lot of time so it won’t be easy to begin right away, but I would really like to become licensed someday. Because I want to help the ones who come after me who do similar work as ours."

In sharing his touching aspirations, Suga continues to inspire millions around the world with his empathy, resilience, and commitment to making a positive impact both through his music and potentially as a future therapist.

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