Cardi B Praises French Paparazzi's Professionalism Amidst Criticism of American Tabloids

Credit: Cardi B/Instagram

Cardi B, the renowned New York rapper, has recently expressed her admiration for the French paparazzi while attending Paris Fashion Week. In a candid moment, she voiced her dissatisfaction with the American paparazzi's conduct, asserting her preference for the French press due to their superior levels of respect and professionalism.

During her sojourn in the city, Cardi B did not shy away from confronting the American tabloids for their practice of capturing and disseminating unflattering images of her to the public eye.

As Cardi B exited a store in Paris, she proudly showcased her latest acquisitions while the paparazzi eagerly captured her image, lauding her appearance. Among the crowd, one individual exclaimed, "Amazing Cardi!" This prompted the rapper to express her adoration for France before commending the paparazzi for their behavior. "You guys are the best. I really love the paparazzi out here because let me tell you something about American paparazzi."

Cardi B further elaborated, highlighting the stark contrast between the French and American paparazzi. "When you guys put pictures of celebrities, you make sure they look nice; you guys make sure they take good pictures. I don't understand why with American paparazzi, they will literally post a picture of you looking f*** up." She added that the American paparazzi seem solely interested in sharing unfavorable pictures to invite public ridicule and scrutiny of celebrities' appearances.

"You want pictures of celebrities looking bad so people can make fun of them, shred them, put down their confidence, make fun of them. That's mean.The French paparazzi don't do that," Cardi B exclaimed. The artist and mother of two also criticized the American paparazzi for continuing to engage in such unscrupulous behavior despite receiving the same compensation as their French counterparts. "You guys are so respectful. No, that is so beautiful."

Cardi B's fans rallied behind her on social media, unequivocally supporting her stance, and castigating the tabloids for their lack of professionalism. In a tweet, one fan concurred, stating, "Facts, cause there’s this one magazine that uses the ugliest pictures of a person to slap on the front cover they be all in the grocery store and everywhere. Y’all know what mag I’m talking about."

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