Pete Davidson Seeks Rehab for PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder, Supported by Friends and Family

Credit: Raleigh Magazine/Instagram

Pete Davidson, known for his time on "Saturday Night Live," has voluntarily admitted himself to a rehabilitation center. Reports suggest that the Pennsylvania facility is providing treatment for his struggles with PTSD and borderline personality disorder.

Page Six was the first to break the news, revealing that Pete chose the same establishment where his close friend John Mulaney sought assistance for substance abuse problems. According to an insider, Pete frequently seeks rehab as a means of self-improvement and mental respite. The source explained that this current stay follows the same pattern, and he is expected to complete his program soon, as indicated by another individual close to the actor who spoke to PEOPLE.

The actor's inner circle continues to support him during this challenging time. A trusted acquaintance disclosed to the publication that Pete often checks into rehab to address these specific issues. Additionally, Pete has openly discussed his decision to take a break and seek treatment in the past. In a December 2019 episode of "SNL," he humorously mentioned going on a holiday that involved insurance coverage, restricted phone access, and the absence of shoelaces. At the time, Pete revealed his stay was related to mental health concerns.

It is worth noting that this isn't Pete's first experience with rehab. In 2016, he sought treatment for mental health problems that he attributed to excessive marijuana use. Presently, he relies on marijuana as a pain reliever for the symptoms associated with Crohn's disease—an inflammatory bowel condition that was diagnosed when he was 17 years old.

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