King of England Sends Sympathy Message to US President Over Maui Wildfires

Credit: King Charles/Instagram

Showing care and understanding, the King of England has sent a kind message to President Joe Biden of the United States after wildfires caused a lot of damage on the island of Maui, Hawaii. The British King shared his sympathy and support for the people affected by the fires.

The official Instagram page of the British Royal Family shared a message from King Charles to the US President. The message talked about how worried the King and his wife Queen Camilla were about the terrible wildfires in Maui. They tried to imagine how much destruction happened on the island and how sad the people who lost their homes and jobs must be feeling.

The message by King Charles read, "My wife and I were utterly horrified to hear of the catastrophic wildfires currently burning in Maui, Hawai'i. We can only begin to imagine the scale of devastation engulfing the island and the heartrending anguish of those whose livelihoods have been so disastrously affected."

The Maui wildfires caused a lot of damage and deaths. About 80 people have lost their lives because of the fires. It's expected that rebuilding the island will cost around 5.52 billion dollars, according to FEMA. More than 2000 properties were destroyed in the fires.

Before this, NBC News said that when the wildfires started in Hawaii, the state's alarm system that warns people about emergencies outdoors, which is the biggest in the world, didn't work. This made the crisis even worse.

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