Wisconsin Mother Arrested as Five Malnourished Children Found in Neglected State

Credit: Racine Police

A mom in Wisconsin got arrested because her five kids were found weak and hungry in the basement of her house. Dashja Turner, who lives in Racine Wisconsin, was charged with five counts of criminal neglect, as reported by WDJT-TV.

The police and the Human Services Department visited her home on July 31st at about 3:30 in the afternoon to check if everything was okay. They found her five kids, who are between 14 months and 14 years old, in the basement looking very frail.

The kids seemed really small and light, with the youngest one only weighing 10 pounds. Normally, a healthy 14-month-old baby would weigh about 26 pounds. The kids also hadn't taken a shower for a while and they were only wearing socks.

The basement they were in didn't have much. There was only a small air mattress with a sheet on it, and there were no pillows or blankets. The windows were covered with purple paint.

The judge at the court said that this was a really bad case of not taking care of kids. The police had received calls several times to check on the kids, but nothing was done. One person at the hearing said they had been trying to contact the mom and asking to see their child, but they were ignored.

The mom had said that she was homeschooling the kids, but the officials didn't believe her. The assistant district attorney asked the judge to set a bail of $1 million because of how bad the kids' situation was. There's going to be a hearing about the case on August 16th.

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