New Mexico Woman's Faked Death Leads to Arrest in Colorado, Concealed Behind False Wall

Credit: San Juan County Adult Detention Center

A woman from New Mexico who simulated her own demise has been apprehended after authorities discovered her concealed behind a fabricated wall within a residence in Colorado, PEOPLE reported.

Martha Crouch, aged 58, was taken into custody the previous week following the discovery of her deceased husband, Timothy Crouch, aged 62, in front of their family residence in Walsenburg by Huerfano County deputies, according to a report by KRDO. Allegedly, he suffered a collapse and respiratory distress prior to his demise.

Upon receiving this information, one of the couple's grown children informed the deputies of their mother's passing. Nonetheless, the law enforcement officers proceeded to search the residence, unveiling a false wall within the kitchen. Concealed behind it were Crouch and her 14-year-old daughter, as reported by KRDO.

Following this discovery, Crouch was apprehended. She had an existing felony warrant in New Mexico due to her violation of probation on charges related to child abuse, as detailed by the source.

As indicated by the Farmington Daily Times, Crouch admitted guilt for one count of attempted fourth-degree child abuse during a virtual court session in San Juan County, New Mexico, in December of 2021.

Despite most of the charges being dismissed, she was put on probation. However, she reportedly breached the conditions of her probation a mere two days later, leading to the issuance of an arrest warrant.

In 2019, Crouch was also confronted with accusations of felony child abuse and extreme cruelty to animals, stemming from an incident involving the alleged exposure of her children to the inhumane deaths of four puppies that were purportedly boiled alive, according to Law & Crime.

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